Install Themes On Iphone-Without Jailbreak

“Owners of iPhones can not customize the user interface of your phone without a ‘jailbreak’!”, it is often said. Or you? We show you how themes work on the iPhone without “Jailbreaking”.

While Android smartphones offer their users from year to year, always more ways to match their Benuzteroberfläche (Launcher, themes, icon packs), this feature from Apple on the track remains. Mobile software iOS the background image you can only change or move the app icons but nothing more. The following trick does help however and allows the individual to make your iPhone you Apple users.

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February 25, 2017

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Pretty Ballerinas Shoes

Hands up who has not seen Snow White? For me one of the best cartoons of the history of animation! I happened to see him, among other things, very recently: at home I have two nephews and little ones in my afternoons of “babysitting” brush up to the classic Disney is always a must. Not that I mind, mind you! Even as a child I always loved cartoons in which the main characters were “Disney Princesses”: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast… And the truth you know that Snow White is returning to the cinema with a fighissima (it seems) interpretation of the story of the Brothers Grimm? And that Snow White is, then!

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February 24, 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Touch Fold – Foldable Smartphone for 2017?

The edge display of the S6 edge was very impressive, but soon seems to be coming that there has never been something completely new. There is talk of a Phablet with foldable display. Learn here how the Smartphone will look like and what opportunities it will provide.

We seem to move us in the things of which we had always dreamed come true now slowly at the time. Samsung had already indicated it a few years ago with its flexible AMOLED displays. Although every now and then a possible was predicted the release of such a device and presented interesting prototypes in action or mass production has made it so far but still no device, but now the flexible Smartphone seems to be more specific.

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February 24, 2017

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How to Dress with Big Thighs

You have strong thighs? you want to camouflage her thighs?

You despair all morning to get dressed and this, only because of your thighs that are a little too big for your taste. They are coated or too muscular, here for you tips to put your figure in value.

1- Longer silhouette with heels to appear more slender
2- Avoid shiny material that accentuate forms
3- Avoid trousers in light colors which grow your thighs
4- Avoid patterns and prints on the bottom of the body
5- The attention on your strengths (mouth, chest, shoulders…)
6- We put a lot on the accessories.
7- We assume forms that can be very sexy. Continue reading How to Dress with Big Thighs

February 22, 2017

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Uncomplicated Smartphones For The Older Generation

Just for the elderly, it is important that they have a Smartphone, which can be operated easily and is thus not as complicated. Find out here what should be noted and whether or not worth a seniors smartphone at all.

A Seniors Smartphone characterised thereby that it is easy to use and some additional features exist, such as for example an emergency button or extra-large be serving fields. For easier operation manufacturers mainly on a clearly crafted menu and often make help texts available, which appear when an application starts.

For whom is a senior Smartphone?

A senior Smartphone is worth only for people who also use the additional features. Otherwise, a significantly cheaper mobile enough, if it wants to only make calls and write SMS. Thus an argument for such a Smartphone might be, that the user wants to

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February 21, 2017

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